Shipping Containers

Services and Technology
Custom-Tailored to Your Company

Reduce freight costs, simplify logistics, and make intelligent shipping choices by utilizing our services and technology. Audit Source offers custom-tailored services to meet our clients' varying needs while providing relevant solutions to further help companies succeed.

We boast a staff with decades of experience who can assist your company, as well as a web portal that allows you to go online and have full visibility to track your shipments and gain direct access to all of your account information, such as invoices, account statements, quote requests, labels and documents.

Our team can customize our services to meet your company's individual needs. Contact us today to take advantage of our more than 15 years in business and to request our assistance today.

Operations Center Solution

Contact us by phone or email, and we will take care of the rest. Whether it's one shipment or hundreds per month, our trained staff will take care of everything. You'll also have transparency to all activity in order to keep everyone informed.

All it takes is a phone call, email, or fax, and we will use our technology to optimally route, schedule, and provide visibility, all while saving you money on shipments.


Web Services/Portal Solution

By leveraging both our staff and technology portal, you can choose your own mix of workflow at your own pace. The concept is simple: Many of our clients like to maintain a hands-on approach, which our system allows.

On the days you are overwhelmed, utilize our call center by calling, emailing, or faxing shipment information, and we will load it into the same portal you use the days you have time.

Web Services

Integrated Solutions

Automated and high-volume shippers that have integrated solutions can capitalize on our integrated technology approach.

We help determine cost/control advantages of integrating technology with your back office, as well as simplifying billing and improving transaction management. Shipping information is automatically loaded to run through business rules for cost savings and delivery time expectations. All processes involved are automatically updated with full visibility while enhancing services.