Semi Truck

Inbound Vendor Management
to Save You Money

"It's important to have strong logistics partners. We enjoy working with Audit Source as they have taken the time to appreciate our business needs and deliver true transportation management solutions as needed for our team."
- Linsay Moran, VP, Business Operations, Pliteq

Companies will spend an average of 2% to 4% of gross sales on inbound vendor freight, ranking it among the top eight operational expenses. While often overlooked, inbound vendor management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing, and fulfillment operations.

Audit Source's Cost Savings Program was created by experienced Direct Marketing Operations Managers to leverage the volume generated by our consortium of participating companies and pass on the benefits of lower freight costs to clients. You benefit from our experience and receive the economies of scale not normally available to individual companies. 

Carrier Contracts

Participation in our unique, single-rate base contracts provides protection from industry-wide annual increases and offers single-class rating tailored to our clients' specific product mix.

Freight Bill Processing

Our common rate base and freight bill processing system simplify auditing and payment. We minimize paper by offering a variety of processing options and customized reporting.

In-Transit Tracking

We offer complete tracking of all freight from all of our carriers in one web-based system.

LTL Rating System

Our custom-designed rating system provides actual costs based on our consortium contracts covering all points in the US. Unique features include carrier selection options, mileage, transit days, and FAK class rating.

Client Services

The experienced staff of our direct-marketing operations provides day-to-day operational support services designed to meet the needs of purchasing and receiving operations.

Vendor Routing

Our automated vendor routing system provides complete control over carrier selection and enforced compliance.