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Inbound Vendor Management
to Save You Money

"It's important to have strong logistics partners. We enjoy working with Audit Source as they have taken the time to appreciate our business needs and deliver true transportation management solutions as needed for our team."
- Linsay Moran, VP, Business Operations, Pliteq

Companies will spend an average of 2% to 4% of gross sales on inbound vendor freight, ranking it among the top eight operational expenses. While often overlooked, inbound vendor management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing, and fulfillment operations.

Audit Source's Cost Savings Program was created by experienced Direct Marketing Operations Managers to leverage the volume generated by our consortium of participating companies and pass on the benefits of lower freight costs to clients. You benefit from our experience and receive the economies of scale not normally available to individual companies. 

Allow Us To manage your vendors for you

Our inbound vendor management program will remove the stress associated with vendor compliance. This program allows us to enforce purchase order  deadline dates, ensure mode and carrier optimization, creation and distribution of accurate shipment documentation and labeling while providing  step by step visibility and preventing any unforeseen charges using accurate shipment information, and freight bill auditing at no extra cost to you.

freight trucks shipping across the country

how does it work?

Step 1 

Audit Source is cc’d on all issued purchase orders.

Step 2

Your purchase order is created as a template shipment in our system, with your purchase order uploaded to the load, with a notation on the receiving deadline if applicable.

Step 3

The vendor is contacted immediately to ensure compliance. They will then notify us when the shipment is ready for pickup while providing the most updated status of the shipment.  foreseen delays will be relayed to the associated purchasing representative.

Step 4

When the shipment is ready for pickup, we will gather all of the pertinent information, and decide what the best mode of transportation is for the shipment, determining if it should go parcel, LTL, Volume, Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, Rail, Air Freight, Expedited, Guaranteed etc. to ensure the best cost given the allotted information and time frame associated.

Step 5

Once the mode has been determined, we will send a dispatch notification to the carrier to make a timely pickup and your vendor will receive an Audit Source bill of lading.

Step 6

While in transit, full visibility of the shipment is available on our portal, so customer service knows exactly where the shipment is at all times.

Step 7

The price for the shipment will be available on our portal by the next morning at absolute latest. 90% of shipments will have an available rate before it's even loaded on to a truck.

Step 8

When we receive the carrier invoice, we ensure its accuracy by auditing the bill at no additional cost, guaranteeing you receive an accurate rate every single time.

Step 9

We send you an accurate, pre GL Coded (if applicable) invoice for the shipment on an individual basis, or in daily, weekly, or biweekly batches; which ever way is the most convenient for your accounting team.

Your New Freight Portal
Audit Source Inbound vendor management portal dashboard

Complete Visibility Over Your Entire Freight Profile

Our portal will give you the ability to manage your freight with ease. Not only will you have complete visibility over all shipments, but our customization options allow you to use our portal to best fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete TMS system, or just an application to check on your shipments in transit we can ensure our portal will be an incredible tool to maximize your experience using our services.

To Learn More About What The Portal Can Do For You, Call Or Email Us Today!